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Initially, It was a computational linguistic society inaugrated on 17 October 2014. This society of computational linguistics mainly dealt with the local languages of Pakistan for their promotion due to the fact that all languages are lying in the category of under-resourced languages, however its scope was not limited to Pakistani languages. Among more than 72 languages in Pakistan, Urdu, Saraiki, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Balochi are the mojor languages, which are also known as provincial languages except Urdu and Saraiki. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, while Saraiki is spoken in the South Punjab. Research and development in computational perspective was aimed which will enable the local community to march with the state of the art standards of information, education, communication, economy, etc. Due to diverse members of this plateform, it was suggested to renamed it to Computation, Logic, Science and Practices (CLSP) which will continue work on natural languages along with the other directions

Computation viewpoint of this plateform will unite figuring teachers, specialists, and experts to motivate exchange, share assets, and address the field's difficulties. As the differing computational plateform, this point of view will fortify the calling's aggregate voice through solid initiative, advancement of the most astounding principles, and acknowledgment of specialized magnificence. Computation will bolster the expert development of its individuals by giving chances to life‐long learning, vocation improvement, and expert systems administration.

Logic plans to advance the improvement and investigation of rationale, and to unite those keen on these fields. To this end the association will distribute a diary and different extra courses, and encourages global collabarations. Logic is the scond most part of the CLSP association.

Science is additionally a charitable viewpoint of the CLSP association, committed to open engagement in logical research and training. Our vision is to advance the comprehension and energy about science and the fundamental part it plays in human progression: to advise, instruct, and rouse.

Practices is a diverse perspective of the CLSP. It includes the law, medical, transport, etc. Practice is where a person is required to extend knowledge and skills within a practical environment.This partnership effort traditionally involves researchers, but may also involve alumni, community members, prospective students, and/or faculty staff.